CS Soft Network - Evaluation of the measured data for several computers in the network

By means of the CS Soft Network an optional number of DS 500/ DS 400 instruments can be evaluated via Ethernet. The software stores the measured data of all DS 500 / DS 400 cyclically (cycle freely selectable) in a SQL database on the server. In case of an exceeding of the stored alarm values the software automatically sends an SMS or an e-mail. Furthermore, different user levels can be defined in the server software so that single staff members only can access the measured data of certain DS 500 / DS 400. The evaluation of the measured data can be carried out by means of the client software from each PC within the company.

Functions of the CS Soft Network (Server):

  • Automatic data storage in My SQL database (cycle freely programmable)
  • User administration
  • Configuration alarm message, transmission via SMS/ E-mail
  • Configuration backup generation

Functions of the CS Soft Network (Client):

  • Indication of current measured values
  • Graphical chart with zoom function
  • In table form
  • Report generation (standard report with Min-Max values, number of alarm exceedings, moment of alarm exceeding)
  • Automatic consumption report



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